About us 

Hebrona is named after my mother, my first example of an elegant, successful and extraordinary woman. The word “overdressed” is not part of her vocabulary with her daily outfits always paired with a quality statement shoe.

The brands selection of shoes reflect Hebrona’s elegance and confidence with a touch of me, Ladii, simple yet stylish. Our selection of shoes is based on design, quality, comfort, freedom of expression and embracing individuality. We combine Hebrona with Ladii, classics with trendy and offer a quality shoe for every occasion. Be it a board meeting, date night, lunch with the girls, running errands or a special event.. we have the perfect shoe.

Hebrona Huns break the rules, starting with your fav shoes in all the
available colours. We promise we won’t tell!


Noun – the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Elegance is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity

Hebrona Hun

Noun – A multifaceted hun with more than one personality that is expressed through her shoes. She is a bold, beautiful and a remarkable woman with style, unapologetically breaking barriers and looking good while at it.



Adjective – characterized by having style or conforming to the fashionable standard. Fashionably elegant and sophisticated

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